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Damien Sneed Presents: The Levites’ Gathering


Conductor, pianist, producer and recording artist Damien L. Sneed presents The Levites’ Gathering, a forum for spiritual refreshing, prophetic impartation and strategic empowerment in the areas of the Levitical priesthood: music ministers, musicians, psalmists, prophetic minstrels, praise and worship leaders, sound engineers and more.

The conference theme is “The Season of Synchronization,” and will feature guest speakers Bishop Jason Nelson, Elder Mark Jackson and Prophetess Denise Blaze. Musical guests include James Ziegler, Judy Ray Tucker, Damien Sneed & The Levites and more. The conference will be held Thursday, June 5, through Saturday, June 7, at the Abyssinia Christ Centered Ministries in Southfield, MI, where Bishop Iona E. Locke, serves as a senior pastor and host of this year’s conference.

Sneed’s desire is that every participant will not just attend another conference or meeting, but actually leave strengthened and encouraged to keep going. “Many times we gather in conference settings and are charged and refreshed, but leave with no sense of direction after the event is over,” says Sneed. “This gathering has a charge and design to allow each gift to be launched onto a clear path to their destiny and purpose. This will not be an ordinary conference.”

Sneed believes that “The Season of Synchronization,” speaks to the fact that we are living in a time where there are many different sounds and conflicting voices making impact in our generation. He feels it is our duty and assignment in this season to make sure our sound and our voice has a clarion call of synchronization—“to move, operate and work at the same rate and exactly together.”

Some of the topics covered will be “Where is our sound going? What are the real needs in our churches musically, as contrasted to their merely felt needs? How do I balance industry vs. ministry?” Sneed said “the Season of Synchronization” is where God desires all musicians, singers, etc. throughout the Body of Christ to be on one accord, join in unity and be conduits of a fresh sound of worship.

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