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Da Truth “It’s Complicated” Available Now

unnamedGrammy nominated hip hop artist Da’ Truth shared cryptic messages via Twitter and it triggered a response from internationally respected Christian Apologist and author Dr. Ravi Zacharias. With questions surrounding the idea of truth, God and religion, the conversation caused chatter among fans around the globe. Thousands of listeners from NGEN radio and Jam The Hype shared their concern for the outspoken artist wondering he was questioning his faith, when in reality it was revealed that Da’ Truth wasn’t confused about his Christian beliefs, but sharing lyrics from his new single “Religion.”

In support of the new single, available nationwide starting today on all digital platforms, the music veteran has debuted the official music video on his website The song features a real-life discussion between the multi-faceted artist and Dr. Ravi Zacharias about the complexities of religion, the theme of the new album.

I ponder the degree to which a person’s upbringing comes to bear on their religious orientation,” explains Da’ Truth. “Is there one true religion? Is it arrogant to be exclusive? Can we be certain that Christianity is the only religion that God acknowledges as true? How can we know for sure? Many people, Christians included, struggle with these questions, so I want to provide a soundtrack that articulates some of the internal twist and turns that people experience concerning exclusivity in religion. Essentially, I am echoing the questions and issues that so many people have with religion while resolving that one has to be true.

Being brought up in a Christian household, Da’ Truth went through a period in which he began to question God and the idea of religion. While he arrived at the conclusion that there is only one true God, he knows that others face the same questions everyday, but may not feel comfortable addressing them.

The popular aphorism that ‘All religions are fundamentally the same and only superficially different’ simply is not true, yet this idea continues to be advanced in society. In reality, all religions are, at best, superficially similar but fundamentally different,” explained Zacharias

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