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Chicago’s Come Back Kid “Bishop Larry D. Trotter” Turns 60

There is nothing that Hollywood or the public likes more than a good comeback story. Who wouldn’t like a second or third chance at a good life. Who has’t made mistakes in life that could’ve ruined their business, marriage, or ministry. Missy Elliot made a huge comeback performing at Super Bowl 49 alongside Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz; Mariah Carey got crazy in 2001, Comeback: the release of Emancipation of Mimi; Ex-convict Mike Tyson had a cameo in The Hangover and made several documentaries; Marion Jones stripped of her medals, later authored a book & played for WNBA.

Bishop Larry Darnell Trotter has seen his fair share of triumph’s as well as tribulations, but he always seems to bounce back. Trotter has been under the surgeons knife more than 16 times, with health challenges from open heart surgery to prostrate cancer, but he bounced back.

He has also endured personal character assassinations that other pastors have lost their ministries or committed suicide from, but yet he kept coming Sunday after Sunday telling his congregation that he was here for them.   He has also suffered financial set backs, living in a fabulous 7 bedroom home, and losing it, then being served with divorce papers, but yet he bounced back from this as well.

Trotter is living above SEE Level. This bestselling book that he authored was therapeutic not only for the masses that read it, but for Trotter himself. He laid out in the book, how to live above what you can see. Through all his challenges, Trotter has gained the ability to rise above life’s circumstances and live out his true meaning in life. Simone Darnell, Trotter’s administrative assistant, said ‘passionate’ is the word she would use to describe how Trotter feels about pastoring a 4000 member mega ministry, Darnell also says that Sweet Holy Spirit is a big church with a small church feel.

Bishop Trotter also serves as the Presiding Bishop of New Century Fellowship of Churches and Ministries, which has grown to over 50 churches. Trotter is a 9 time Stellar Award winning gospel artist, who has produced several gospel hits since their initial recording in 1988 which was never released. Trotter and Sweet Holy Spirit Mass Choir will forever be branded by one of their biggest hits, “The Lord Is Blessing Me Right Now”, says James Lott President of CEO of Utopia Music Group, (the record label owned by Trotter). Lott goes on to say that “everywhere the choir goes they must sing that song”. Lott has been a member of Sweet Holy Spirit Church since he was 15 years of age, and he is now 50 years old.   Lott who considers Trotter his brother, has seen Bishop Trotter mentor some of the biggest names in the gospel music industry, such as Ricky Dillard and VaShawn Mitchell, both of whom served as Ministers of Music and Sweet Holy Spirit Church under Trotter, before going on to produce their own Stellar Award winning choirs, selling multi platinum records and CD’s.

Some might not know that Bishop Trotter is a chef. Trotter said that if he was not in the ministry, he would own a five star restaurant that would rival ZZ”s Clam Bar of which some consider the best seafood restaurant in New York City. Lott, says Trotter makes a mean GUMBO.

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On Sunday March 19, 2017, Trotter will celebrate his 60th birthday. The celebration begins on Saturday with a Birthday Buffet Brunch at 11 a.m. at Sweet Holy Spirit Church, then that will be followed up by a Red Affair at the Keith House at 6 p.m.. On Sunday March 19, 2017 at both the 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. services there will be special guest Psalmist and Speakers who will come and celebrate with Trotter. At 5 p.m. there will be a gospel extravaganza in which several recording artist including Demetrius West from Indianapolis and the legendary Chicago Mass Choir will be performing.

Bishop Larry Darnell Trotter is Chicago’s Comeback Kid, he is like the Duncan YoYo, from the 1980’s, no matter what challenges life throws at him, no matter the cards he is dealt, although he might stay at the bottom of the string and spin for a while, he always bounces back.

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