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Chicago Mass Choir to Perform with Sesame Street Cast on WGN Morning News


Elmo and Chicago Mass Choir…Chicago Mass Choir and The Muppets, which one sounds like a better combination? Not just a combination, but how does a song collaboration sound? It’s not just a thought, but it has become reality for Chicago Mass Choir and the famous Sesame Street Cast. Yes it’s true, Chicago Mass Choir will be singing alongside Elmo, Big Bird and many other Sesame Street characters.

The all-star Sesame Street cast which we have grown to love over the years will be performing during the all-new Sesame Street Live “Can’t Stop Singing” musical in Chicago at Sears Centre from Friday, April 4th, through Sunday, April 6th.

Chicago Mass Choir is excited to join the Sesame Street Cast for a few song selections while promoting the musical throughout the Chicago area. On, Thursday, April 3rd, Chicago Mass Choir will perform live on WGN Morning News in Chicago along with the Sesame Street cast. The live performance will air on WGN Morning News between 8am-10amCST.

Chicago Mass Choir is honored to collaborate with the Sesame Street cast and workshop. You never know which Sesame Street character may join Chicago Mass Choir as they sing a few of our favorite Sesame street tunes. Tune in live online to watch Chicago Mass Choir and Sesame Street cast onApril 3rd-8am-10amCST: Chicago Mass-WGN TV LIVE

Sesame Street Live “Can’t Stop Singing” offers a fun-filled learning experience packed with the razzle-dazzle of interactive live performance, including up-close and personal interactions on the audience floor! Like television’s Sesame Street, each Sesame Street Live production features timeless lessons for all ages. The universal appeal of each Broadway-quality musical production continues long after preschool. Adults will appreciate the high-tech stagecraft, cleverly written script, and music they’ll recognize and enjoy sharing with children, such as fun new parodies of “Shout” and “You Can’t Stop the Music.”

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