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Bryan Wilson Releases New Radio Single “Expect You Now”

Many remember Bryan Wilson as the kid who hit high notes and made cartwheels with his voice but the child is now a man. It’s been five years since his last CD and in the years since, Wilson has developed a new sense of purpose for his music and his life. His new radio single, “Expect You Now,” represents a departure from the down-home, churchy style of music he recorded for Malaco Records in the 1990s. The sophisticated new praise and worship single was produced by Amos P. Saint Jean who’s collaborated with artists such as Jonathan Nelson & Purpose. One fan recently posted on Wilson’s Facebook page: “I didn’t recognize it was you at first! It’s a different twist for you from what I’m used to hearing from you, but it’s a hit!”

. “The song is a simple one,” says Wilson, who made the song up during a worship service two years ago. “The pastor was praying over people during an altar call and I got up and started singing what they call ` a song of the Lord.’ When people go to the altar, they are expecting God to change them or change their situation so I started to sing, Lord, we expect you now’ and after the service people asked me if that was on one of my CDs and I said, `Not yet but it will be.’”

The soul-stirring track was just sent to radio and getting the thumbs up from radio programmers. “Bryan Wilson did his thang on Expect You Now – goose bumps factor enabled,” says Kyle Stewart, an announcer with B106.2 FM in Palm Beach, FL. “There is much maturity in this song that is sure to be pleasing to all ages,” says Jacki Holliday of KDAY in Louisiana. “A true, honest and heartfelt petition to our Lord. Intimate Time with the Lord at its finest.” Jacquie Gales Webb of Washington, D.C.’s WHUR 96.3 FM says, “It’s a pretty song.” One fan on Jango wrote that Wilson is “back with a bang” while another simply said, “just beautiful.”

In other news, Wilson has become an evangelist and itinerant preacher. He was recently installed as the Apostle of the Bapolstogic Movement, an evangelistic outreach that seeks to preserve and promote an authentic Pentecostal experience for a new generation of worshippers. Meanwhile, Amos P. Saint Jean is finishing work on Wilson’s forthcoming CD, …And It’s Over” that will be released on Blackmoke Music Worldwide, the company that gave birth to James Fortune & FIYA, Earnest Pugh and Zacardi Cortez. For more on Bryan Wilson, visit or

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