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Brooklyn Tankard Talks Recent Arrest, Motherhood and Reality TV

BrooklynTankardEarlier this week Brooklyn Tankard, daughter of Ben Tankard and star of Bravo’s “Thicker Than Water”, was arrested for “Failure to Cause Child to Attend School”. According to court documents, Brooklyn’s daughter, Diamond, had 16 unexcused absences from school and 35 unexcused tardies. The reality star was pulled over for a routine traffic stop while leaving church when a license check revealed her outstanding warrant.

Below, Brooklyn sets the record straight on her recent troubles and discusses what life is really like under the microscope of reality TV.

Were you aware of the warrant for your arrest?

No. Had I been aware that my daughter’s attendance issues were becoming a legal matter, I definitely would have taken care of it.

So why did your daughter miss so much school?

Some of those days she legitimately didn’t feel well, and the absences weren’t excused because I didn’t always take her to the doctor to get a doctor’s excuse. I felt comfortable staying home to monitor my daughter’s health and allowing nature to take its course, as long as she didn’t get a high fever. If she was a newborn infant then of course I would have taken her to the doctor. But as experienced mothers we know that a light fever can be cured with over-the-counter fever reducers. And a few of the days I’m sure she said she didn’t feel well just so she could snuggle with me. What can I say? I fell for it; she’s my only daughter and my spoiled little princess. Diamond’s tardiness is simply a lack of time management on my part while trying to adjust to our new schedule.

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The issue of whether you have been present enough in your daughter’s life was brought up on the first season of Thicker Than Water. What is your response to people who will consider this further proof that you have been neglecting your motherly responsibilities?

ANY time my daughter missed school she was with me, under my care. That needs to be clear. It was NEVER an issue of me not being there to take her to school or be there for her. I am always there for my daughter and would never do anything to neglect her. Like most moms, I don’t play about my daughter. Don’t buy the hype.



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