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Bone Hampton Honored with Grady Nutt Humor Award at Special Ceremony

bonehamptonBone Hampton, known for his own brand of side-splitting humor, has been honored for his contributions to the comedic landscape while honoring his Christian faith. Announced at a special ceremony during the GMA Dove Awards on Tuesday, October 15, 2013, Bone was honored with the Grady Nutt Humor Award.

“The bible says laughter is good medicine and Bone Hampton is making people laugh nationwide on stage and TV,” stated Jackie Patillo, Executive Director of the GMA. “The Grady Nutt humor awards was established to recognize comedians who are making an impact using a Christian world view. Bone Hampton is reaching people with his clean delivery and inspired approach.”

Bone commented: “Everywhere I go – TV to stage, comedy club to church – I strive to deliver hysterical comedy that honors my faith. People today are hurting, and if I can make someone laugh and forget their troubles for just a few moments, I’ve done my job. It is an honor to accept this award from the GMA. I am grateful.”

During the evening awards, Bone appeared alongside Chonda Pierce, his “comedy mama,” cracking the crowd up and displaying exactly why he was honored with the award.

Discovered at Steve Harvey’s comedy club in Dallas, TX, Bone made the move to Los Angeles, CA where he was cast on the show “Less Than Perfect” starring Sherri Shepherd and Zach Levi. This began a momentum that allowed him to appear in the movie “All About Steve” with Sandra Bullock and appear on tv shows such as “My Name is Earl,” “Medium,” BET’s “Comedy Unleashed,” and others. He is also a regular guest co-host on “The View,” where he provides a much-needed male point of view while leaving the audience and others hosts in stitches!

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