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Bishop Paul Morton’s Letter to Full Gospel in Response to Resignation of 2nd Presiding Bishop

paulmorton3Yesterday, Bishop Paul Morton reached out to share an important update directly from his office. Monday, August 19th Bishop Morton received the official resignation of his 2nd Presiding Bishop, Neil C. Ellis, from his position as well as from his fellowship. In response to the resignation, Bishop Morton released a letter to his congregation and the public. Check out what he has to say below:

Dear Full Gospel Family,

As is always my intention, I am reaching out to share an important update directly from my office. On yesterday, Monday, August 19th, I received the official resignation of our 2nd Presiding Bishop Neil C. Ellis from his position as well as from our fellowship.

This is a loss for us as we are very sorry to see him depart. He has worked faithfully through the years and every promotion he received he fulfilled with excellence. Personally, it saddens me that he’s not remaining until my term ends in 2015 but God knows best. Sometimes we expect things to turn out differently from what God has planned for us but I still believe that our steps are ordered by The Lord!

The process that God gave to us to elect the next Presiding Bishop, involving the Bishops’ Council (his peers and the leading body of this great fellowship) was fair and honest. This great council of Bishops heard God’s voice through much fasting and prayer. Of course, Bishop Joseph Walker won the majority vote of his peers.

This does not mean Bishop Ellis was not qualified; he is a great leader but I truly believe for the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, Bishop Joseph Walker is our leader for this next season.

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Full Gospel, God has blessed us with Bishop Walker. He is one of the greatest spiritual and innovative leaders of this generation! When I look at his awesome ministry, which is second to none, and his successful tenure as Bishop of the Senior Pastors’ division (which has grown and developed way beyond my expectations), I’m confident that he will take this great fellowship to the next level.

I’m Godly proud to call him our next leader and I am personally excited and am looking forward to serving under him. Join me in welcoming Bishop Walker as our next leader. We must keep him in our prayers. Please do not allow the media to turn this season of transition into something negative. With change comes change but there’s no split. God has been faithful to us and I know he will continue to do so. This is our 20th year and we are going to continue to rejoice and celebrate the years to come.

The Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship is and will remain strong, vibrant and impactful to this generation and the generations to come.

Changing A Generation

Paul S. Morton, Sr.

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International Presiding Bishop

Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dean

    August 22, 2013 at 4:27 PM

    Praise God; Bishop Paul Morton released a statement and didn’t allow the media to start rumors.

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