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Bishop Marvin L. Winans RECOVERS from The CoronaVirus

Bishop Marvin L. Winans and BeBe Winans are both doing well after recovering from coronavirus, each of the men said Wednesday.

Rumors had been swirling for days that Bishop Winans, pastor of Detroit’s Perfecting Church, was gravely ill with COVID-19.

Bishop Winans, of the Grammy-award winning gospel group The Winans, said he was released from St. Joseph Hospital in Pontiac on Tuesday after being there since Friday. He said he had a high fever and cough, but did not experience any debilitating symptoms. He had been in the hospital a few days prior to Friday, and was readmitted when symptoms resurfaced.

Bishop Winans debunked a story from a radio interview with his brother BeBe that said their mother, Delores, was ill. “Mom Winans,” as most people call her, does not have the virus and is doing well, both men said.

BeBe Winans, who lives in Nashville, said he tested positive for coronavirus on March 15. He was never hospitalized, he said. His symptoms included coughing and fatigue. He prayed and he followed doctor’s instructions to self-quarantine.

I prayed and stood on God’s word,’’ Bebe Winans said, noting that his symptoms of a cough and fever began to subside a few days ago.

“I really began to feel better when I learned my brother had been released from the hospital,” he said referencing Bishop Winans.

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Bishop Winans said he wants people to know he is doing well.


“Every Winans you know is great,’’ he said in reference to a family of Grammy Award-winning gospel singers that includes his brothers, The Winans, the sister-brother duo Bebe and Cece Winans and other family members who sing.

Pastor Winans says he knows this virus has challenged the faith of many.

“The most devastating thing about this disease is that people are dying alone,” he said. “At a time when family should be brought together, we are told to stay a part.”

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Despite those challenges, Winans said people must hold onto their faith.

 “This is really a time when we have to have faith in our faith,” he said. “I still believe in a God that heals. I’ve seen prayer work too many times.”

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