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Bishop Kenneth Wells and The Gospel Industry Network: Psalms 1 (G.I.N.) Set for Official Launch in Nashville, TN Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Like everything else in the world, things change, but when it comes to the Gospel Music Industry you can never celebrate the goodness of God enough.  Raising the bar on just what it takes to reach that celebratory level is Los Angeles based award winning, choir director, radio announcer, preacher, and music industry executive Bishop O. Kenneth Wells.   Bishop Wells has announced a new organization, The Gospel Industry Network: Psalms 1. (G.I.N.) with an official launch at Tabernacle Baptist Church, 2214 12th Avenue, Nashville, TN on Wednesday, October 16, 2019 at 9:00am.


The Gospel Industry Network: Psalms 1 (G.I.N.) will focus on bridging the gap between churches, organizations, businesses and the Gospel Music Industry. Through G.I.N., the goal will include supporting and elevating committed music lovers reach their dreams, while simultaneously helping to build the kingdom of God.  “G.I.N. is committed to working with all Gospel and Christian music lovers, who believe in the Word of God without compromise,” says Bishop Wells.


“I have been trying to launch G.I.N. for several years but the timing was not right, until now,” says Bishop Wells.  The G.I.N. membership will include Radio, Television, Record Labels, Music Executives, Songwriters, Artists, Pastors, Business Owners, Promoters, Publicists, Bloggers, Influencers, Print Media, Business Professionals, Worship Leaders, Choir Members, Choir Directors, Political Leaders and anyone who loves Gospel Music.  Bishop Well says, “This new platform will give unheard voices who work diligently behind the scenes an opportunity to finally be heard.”


It is Bishop Wells vision to make G.I.N the new home for anyone looking for authenticity, accountability, opportunity, credibility and integrity. “It is our prayer to be unwaveringly and uncompromising to the Word of God as we seek higher standards as we encourage, uplift and empower the body of Christ to represent the kingdom of God better.


With just about a month away from the launch of G.I.N., Bishop Wells has already received hundreds of calls of interest and commitments from several high profile industry executives who have stated they will be joining him in his efforts.


For more information of if you would like to participate in the launch of G.I.N., e-mail bishopkenwells@yahoo.com.


About Bishop Kenneth Wells

Bishop O. Kenneth Wells is a choir director, radio announcer, pastor, and music industry executive. Bishop O. (Olson) Kenneth Wells (1963-) was born in Sparr, Florida and migrated to Fontana, California in 1969. He is the pastor of Spirit of Love Christian Church in San Bernardino, California and was the Jurisdictional Bishop (California) for the Mt. Calvary Holy Churches of America. Throughout the majority of his public career he has been associated with community choirs and the Southern California affiliate of the Gospel Announcers Guild of the Gospel Music Workshop of America (GMWA). Bishop Wells has served as a gospel radio announcer on KPRO Radio (AM 1570-Riverside/San Bernardino) since the mid-1980’s. A former record executive at Pearl Records (Houston, Texas), Wells is also credited with aiding the early career of national gospel artist Kim Burrell.  Bishop Wells early years and upbringing was spent within the African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) Church before his move to the Pentecostal church. Gaining his first exposure to professional gospel singing as a member of the Southern California A.M.E. Mass Choir, he began directing choirs at Loveland Church in Fontana, California. Eventually he became the business manager and assistant director of the San Bernardino Community Choir, founded by Dennis Jackson and directed by William Brown. Wells is best known for his work as the founder of the Riverside Mass Choir. Heavily influenced by the Los Angeles Gospel Music scene, he credits membership with the GMWA, Keith Pringle’s Pentecostal Community Choir, Thomas Whitfield, Andrae Crouch, Edwin and Walter Hawkins, James Cleveland, the Winans, and the Clark Sisters as his major influences.  Bishop Wells is married to Gospel singer Shervonne Wells formerly of the Kurt Carr Singers.

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