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Associate Minister and Bestselling Author Kenny Pugh Launches Abstinence College Tour

KennyPpress1 (1)In support and partnership with The National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, Associate Minister of Elizabeth Baptist Church/Atlanta where Craig Oliver-is Pastor, Life & Relationship Strategist, Author and Speaker, Kenny Pugh launched Abstinence Matters.  Abstinence Matters is a national program targeting young adults ages 18 – 29 that will encourage dialog with young people of diverse backgrounds in an open-forum format that will address everyday issues affecting young people with a focus on sex, relationships and money. Launching a multi-city tour, “It’s A.M.!” (Abstinence Matters)is dedicated to helping to reverse the trend and change the culture that an over-sexed society has had on single young adults directly addressing the consequences associated with engaging in premature sexual relations.

In collaboration with The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy which launched  its twelfth annual National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy event on May 1st. Pugh asks that teens nationwide visit and take the National Day Quiz throughout the month of May.  This online activity challenges teens to think carefully about what they might do in a number of risky sexual situations through a series of interactive scenarios.

Kenny is excited to support and partner with The National Campaign in complimentary campaigns that drive home the point that sex has consequences. He states, “We have a major problem. Nearly three out of ten girls in the United States get pregnant before age 20. That’s two thousand girls every day. We have the highest teen pregnancy and birth rates in the fully developed world. 1 in 10 babies in the United States is born to a teen mother. And teen pregnancy is a problem that is 100% preventable.”

Pugh’s bestselling title, “Can You Do It Standing Up? A Different Position on Relationships” has spawned countless media appearances and speaking opportunities with media such as:, HLN, The Tom Joyner Morning Show and several others that has allowed Kenny to elaborate on his own personal choice and explain why he believes it’s the best approach for unmarried individuals to take in order to have the best outcome in a marital relationship.

The extraordinary decline in teen pregnancy over the past two decades proves that progress can be made on tough issues. In fact, few social problems have improved quite as dramatically over the past 20 years as teen pregnancy which fuels the passion for this program.  With plans to travel to over 20 colleges, universities and conferences nationally this summer, “It’s A.M.!” encourages free thinking, ideas sharing and dialog with a diverse panel to include experts, educators, student leaders and local media that will allow these issues to be addressed in a way that empower young people with solutions and support encouraging them to make better decisions to achieve overall success.

“It’s Time to wake up and realize having sex outside of marriage has dire consequences,” shares Pugh.  “Not only does an unplanned pregnancy interrupt a person’s most cherished dreams and life goals but the overall consequences impact our society at large in every sector: economics, education, class, health and wellness.”  For more information about “Abstinence Matters” or to invite the tour to your city, please visit or send an email to  [email protected]

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