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A Special Message to LeCrae for Making History with 2013 Grammy Award Win

lecraeHoly Hip Hop Music Awards Honoree and Anointed Minister of the Gospel ‘Lecrae’ made history at the 55th Annual 2013 Grammy Awards (Feb. 10, 2013) winning ‘Best Gospel’ Album for his solo 2012 release entitled: ‘Gravity’.

On Lecrae’s accomplishment, Minister eDDie Velez (a/k/a Da Preachin Puerto Rican) commented, in depth, as follows:

“With virtually no radio airplay, limited distribution, but powered by unyielding faith and fans worldwide, Christian Hip Hop artist Lecrae made history on Sunday, February 10, 2013, via this Grammy Award honor, in elevating the 28 year-old Holy Hip Hop genre to higher ground.  This is not only an award for Lecrae, but an award that can be shared by every Gospel rap emcee, label, magazine, distributor, radio/tv outlet (who saw the vision), retailer, website, dj, etc. who all faithfully worked their lanes and worked together in unison over the years to advance a common mission (To Fulfill The Great Commission) and who have all sacrificed and laid the ground work for what the world experienced in Los Angeles this past Sunday during the 55th Grammy Awards.

Staying focused and powering through and overcoming adversity when so many non-believers said over and over that Hip Hop Ministry would never work…does not sound right (like the majority of the repetitive music that is on secular radio today actually sounds good)…there is no market for it…and the classic that still makes me chuckle on the inside…. “Awe shucks…Ain’t no such thing as no Gospel Rap, Christian Hip Hop/Holy Hip Hop…” all absolutely blinded as to the tenacity and reach of this grassroots global movement gaining momentum each and every day since the 1980’s and proving time and time again to be a powerful way to reach the youth, uplift the community, evangelize and advance the Kingdom for generations to come. 2 Timothy 4:5. Amen.

In 1998 while my Holy Hip Hop Radio show aired on Hot 97.5 FM, one thing that we saw then (almost 15 years ago), that is still present today when callers would call up to the radio station crying with tearful voices as they were overwhelmed with joy after hearing an army of Anointed rappers grace the airwaves in Atlanta for the first time, is that Hip Hop Ministry grounded in the Gospel is life-changing, everlasting and impactful to the heart, mind, body and soul, and this is what the enemy fears the most.  Gal. 4:16. Amen.

Hundreds upon hundreds of powerfully impactful trailblazing Christian Hip Hop emcees (for example: T-Bone, Cross Movement, Corey Red & Precise, Tre-9, Phanatik, Light, Urban D, Shei Atkins, Mr. Del, Dice Gamble, Willie Will, Canton Jones, Hansoul, Zion, Fedel, XROSS, D-MAUB, K-Drama, Trip Lee, This’L, etc., etc., etc., etc.), powered by legions of loyal supporters worldwide, have paved the way via sowing seeds…spitting non-stop hot rhymes laced with strictly Ministry over bangin beats…doing so consistently and without waver (when it was not known or even popular to do so) all while the naysayers and non-believers scoffed, blocked, hated…with all such naysayer efforts proving to be in vain, as no man can stop or deny the will of God. Acts 5:39. Amen.

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As such, Lecrae’s Grammy-Award winning accomplishment is nothing short of inevitable destiny, as the boulder had been chipped at consecutively for 28 years and it was undoubtedly just a matter of time before it would be cracked wide open, as it was on February 10, 2013 in Los Angeles, with the final 100th blow being delivered by Lecrae after 99 blows from Lecrae and his fellow co-labourers (Christian emcees, djs, distributors, retailers, radio/tv partners, labels, magazines, supporters) in Christ that have been standing with him and all who have sacrificed and that had come before planting seeds, tilling the land and working fertile ground. Gal. 6:9. Amen.

Congratulations Lecrae from your family at the Fellowship of Holy Hip Hop on this great accomplishment and To God Be The Glory!!!, for your faith, patience, perseverance and for your sacrifices and those of your family, and for being a catalyst for furtherance of the Global movement to take the Gospel to the Streets.  Your feat is an important victorious battle for the movement, at an important time in History, but the war to win back the lost for Him in every street, city, every borough and every corner marches on uninterrupted 24/7, so thank you for all that you have done, continue to do and for being such a willing vessel for Him and an inspiration to us all,” said Minister eDDie Velez (a/k/a Da Preachin Puerto Rican). Matt. 19:26.Amen.




    February 14, 2013 at 1:35 PM

    Min.Eddie I remember the Radio show in Atlanta. It was powerful then, it won’t be long before RADIO wakes up and makes a platform on the major Gospel network and this I believe this is thhe game changer.God will make the final move!!!

  2. Dean

    February 14, 2013 at 2:37 PM


  3. Mike A.

    February 15, 2013 at 10:11 PM

    Outstanding and well said. Proud of these guys for hanging in there as long as they did. What a letter. Really amazing and can’t read this one without getting a lump in the throat and inspired. Great job all.

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