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2013 Holy Hip Hop Awards Honorees Announced

HolyHipHop_logoAtlanta-based Fellowship of Holy Hip Hop (Holy Hip Hop Awards) and Tampa-based Flavor Alliance (Flavor Fest) have extended their 12-year strategic partnership.  A key element of this partnership extension provides that: 2013 Holy Hip Hop Awards Honorees (Tedashaii, True, THI’SL, Theory Hazit, B The Messenger, Sincere Israel, T-Haddy, Fro, Breathe Eazy, Colcutz, JD Eyebrows, Damion Orlando, Pastor Pete ‘DJ one3’ Walker) will be recognized during Flavor Fest 2013 (Oct. 3-6) for their Contributions to the Global Proliferation of the Gospel through Hip Hop at the campus of the world’s first and largest hip-hop Church (43,000 square feet), Crossover Church, led by Pastor Tommy Kyllonen in Tampa, Florida.

“Since 2000, Holy Hip Hop Awards have taken place in Atlanta, GA, with over 3,000 artists and over 20,000 aficionados converging for a week-end of fellowship and fun, powered by hip hop ministry and ministries working hand-in-hand cohesively with the singular objective and mission to lead the lost to Christ and take the Gospel to the Streets.  A key part of the Holy Hip Hop Awards has always been Flavor Alliance emcees, break dancers and graffiti adding a powerful element year-after-year consistently with great applause led by Pastor Tommy Kyllonen (a/k/a Urban D).

Without a doubt, Urban D has always been a visionary leader, never apprehensive or afraid to reach for higher ground and turn great vision into reality as seen by the fruits of his labor whether in releasing the first ever Book/CD/DVD combo (Un.Orthodox) or in leading the world’s first and now largest hip-hop Church in Tampa, Florida (Crossover Church).   As such, and in following Pastor Tommy’s powerful vision and prayer for synergy amongst all Ministers of the Gospel worldwide, Holy Hip Hop Awards will now be presented in Tampa, Florida and 2013 Holy Hip Hop Awards Honorees: (Friday Night (Oct. 4):Tedashaii, True, THI’SL, Theory Hazit, B The Messenger, Sincere Israel; and Saturday Night (Oct. 5): T-Haddy, Fro, Breathe Eazy, Colcutz, JD Eyebrows, Damion Orlando, Pastor Pete ‘DJ one3’ Walker) will be recognized during designated segments on Friday and Saturday night of Flavor Fest Week 2013 in Tampa, Florida for their sacrifices and contributions in proliferating the Gospel through hip hop worldwide.

Flavor Fest conference week-end, consisting of informative and uplifting: ministry classes, live performances (Friday and Saturday night concerts) is an amazing experience, and an incredible opportunity for iron to sharpen iron, as well as fellowship with fellow servants who are too praying, sacrificing and laboring 24/7 in fulfillment of the Great Commission.  Holy Hip Hop Awards are blessed and honored for the opportunity to serve and to be part of what will be another outstanding Flavor Fest Conference Week during October 3-6, 2013 in Tampa, Florida and I look forward to seeing old friends, making new friends, fellowshipping and networking with the entire global community at Flavor Fest 2013,” said Danny Wilson, Fellowship of Holy Hip Hop.  For Flavor Fest 2013 Registration, Sponsorship and Itinerary information, please visit:

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