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Update: BET’s Sunday Best Season 5 Audition Dates Announced!

It seems like just the other day when thousands of people lined up in several cities across the nation with the hope of being crowned the season four Sunday Best.  

Well it’s that time again. Thousands of hopefuls will get their chance to audition for Season 5 of the hit show Sunday Best.

Looking back, last year’s winner, Amber Bullock, would have never dreamed of the fame, name recognition and opportunities that came along with being named Sunday Best.  After speaking with her in November it’s good to see that she’s taking it all in stride.

Now it’s someone else’s opportunity to show the world what God has blessed them with.  Below is the partial schedule for auditions that begin March 24th in Dallas.

Check back often for updates.  Or you can call the Sunday Best crew at 1-855-879-5978, Ext. 101.


Dallas, TX
Saturday, March 24

The Potter’s House
6777 W. Kiest Boulevard
Dallas, TX 75236

Washington, DC
Saturday, March 31
Reid Temple AME Church

11400 Glenn Dale Boulevard
Glenn Dale, MD 20769

Atlanta, GA
Saturday, April 14

Greater Traveler’s Rest Baptist Church
4650 Flat Shoals Parkway
Decatur, GA 30034

St. Louis, MO
Saturday, April 21

Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church
5525 Dr. Martin Luther King Drive
Saint Louis, MO 63112



Do you have what it takes to be Sunday’s Best?

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  • Wanda Jackson

    What will be the song list this year? How do I sign up for the VIP again. Where will the auditions be held this year in Dallas/March 24th,2012.

    Wanda Jackson

  • What are the list of songs, what location in Washington D.C. tell me about the VIP, is there an online auditions if so, what are the requirements?


  • Please send me information about calling you and getting the requiremens for auditions. Thank you

  • Michael Rankin

    Please send information to

  • I was wondering when will the song list be put up for this season? And how can I get on the VIP list?

  • Could you please contact me with the requirements for auditioning? Also any other information you would be able to give so I can know more.

    Thank You
    God Bless

  • Melody

    Please contact me with audition requirements and any other information you have for Sunday Best S:5.

  • Michael Miner

    Location for Dallas audition, song list.

  • God bless, I would like to know what the city in Washington D.C. is, and I am also hearing something about a V.I.P. Is there anyway I could have this information?

  • Can you please send me information on the audition in Dallas TX and the song list required please and thank you.

  • I would also like to know what the song list is and where will the auditions be held for dallas

  • I would like to know where the auditions where the dallas march 24th auditions will be held and the audition song list please

  • Jonathan Gosha

    I would like to know what songs will be used this year for season 5

  • Where will the auditions be held in dallas tx in 2012? and where is the audition song list published

  • I would like to know where will the atlanta audition for the 2012 sunday best will be, and do i need a sign up sheet for the audition. i also want to know about the v.i.p. thing i’ve been hearing about. and any info. that you have about this year’s sunday best i would really appreiate it.

    thank you and God bless

  • Savion

    what are the requirements to audition….thnx….

  • Where can the song list b found?

  • Would like to know where to find Application and list of songs. please email me with information. Thanks…

  • KM

    I would like to know the audition song list, and how to sign up for Digital VIP. Thanks in advance.

  • Michael Rankin, Jr

    I didn’t get my song list.

  • what time will the auditions begin in Dallas? Do I have to sign up before hand? If so, how do I sign up for VIP? Also, what will the song list be? PLease email me with any information that will allow me to participate. Thanks

  • Do you have to register for the Atlanta audition or just show up. I’m coming from Florida and need to plan !!!! Thanks

  • i would like to know what is the requirements to audition for sunday best in washinton dc do i have to register

  • I would like to know more information on getting,the song list, VIP and the application for audition.

  • This will be the first time for my friend and I and so we need information on how to go about auditioning. Is there a fee? Is there a songlist? What are the times? Could we audition in the VIP? We are coming from Minnesota and Wisconsin so we know we would have to audition in St. Louis, MO
    Thanks and God Bless

  • Could I get the requirements to audition for Sunday’s Best in St Louis?

  • I plan to audition season 5 sunday best! How do I locate the song list for this year? VIP?

  • Charlene Roman

    Want to know if you just show up for auditions or I need song list. I have a lady Named Dawn Bullett who the world must hear!
    What do I do? I want to bring her for the audition.
    In Washington DC.thanks

  • Praises! I need the song list for season five Sunday Best and information on VIP list? Please contact me at my email address. Thank you.

  • Just posted about season 5 Sunday Best for the song list and VIP information. I want to audition in Washington DC.

  • I wanted to know if I could get the song list for the auditions in Dallas and thank you very much.

  • Hey I was wondering how can I sign up for v.i.p and the registration????? When will the song list be posted?????

  • I sent you all a little about myself and my story. But I forgot to ask for the song list. If you don’t mind, could you please send me a copy. Thank you so much and be blessed. Your Sister in Christ.

  • I told you all a little bit about myself and a little of my story but I forgot to ask for a copy of the song list. So if it’s at all possible, could you please send me a copy of the song list. Thank you sincerely. be blessed. Your sister in Christ.

  • hey, i am so excited about this up coming event. I am going to let God use me and let him have his way.I am not going to let fear hinder me. And i i am going to clam right now that i am and that i will be the next Sunday Best. God Bless you.

    Delane Mercedes Johson

  • Toi Duncan


    Has a song list or audition requirements been posted? Will there be a VIP sign-up for the Atlanta Auditions. Please contact me as soon as your schedule permits. Peace & Blessings!

  • This will be my first time and I know that God is covering everything I do because I do it for him. Please let me know what I need to do to audition besides just show up. Is there a fee, a particular song list, where do I get more information. April 21st is my birthday and God and I are so in Saint Louis, MO.

  • This is my first time auditioning. Will you please send me a list of the approved song list and the time of the auditions….Thank you!

  • Katonia Lee

    I would like to know what are the requirements to audition for Sunday’s Best and how do I get the song list? Thank you and may God continue to bless you.

  • Can i please have the song list and i need to know if we have to register if so i need to know how to go about doing that.

  • Where will the audition be held at in Atlanta, GA

  • Bryant Swearengen

    Help!!! Desperately trying to get the official (song-list) and phone number for the auditions. I sooooo want to be prepared. I have several questions. For instance, requirements, forms, etc… Thanks Again N Advance for your time. B. Swearengen—Memphis, Tn.

  • JA

    Greetings, I’m interested in auditioning at Reid Temple Glenn Dale…. Can you please forward the details, song list etc to me. Thank you so much

  • Please email me the information concerning the song list,n if their is a fee..the phone number is not working..Help!!!

  • I want know how is it that auditions are coming, and there is no infoormation available to the public. How in the world are you going to have a non workinng number posted online???? You want to support your own, but it is hard to do when it is soooooo unorganized. GET IT TOGETHER BET!!!!!!!

  • I want to audition for sundays best.I’ll be coming from camden, sc. is there a song list? is there a fee? is there a valid number where you can be reached? helpppp!!!!!

  • Hello, could someone please email the songlist for Sunday Best 2012.

    Shaketa Evans

  • Anita Hairston

    I want to try the auditions, could someone send me a song list.
    thank you and God bless.

  • Hi, I would like to know what is the procedure to sign up for auditions? What are the times of auditions on March 24 at the Potters House? Can you send me a songlist please.
    Thank you,
    Ashley McCollum

  • Phil Winston

    Can you please send me info on requirements and the song list for season 5…also I would like to receive info regarding the VIP list…

  • Heyyy! I am so excited about this year’s Sunday Best, and I know that God has great plans this year. I was wondering if you could send me the requirements for Sunday Best? I would also like to know what is the song list? I would also like to know is there a sign up process? Thank you so much, and Be Blessed!

  • viola burse

    how do i go about auditioning for sundaysbest.Or do i just come and sign up once i get there?

  • VP

    How do I sign up for VIP registration for Atlanta auditions?

    Where can I get a copy of the song list for season 5?

  • What are the approved song list for season 5 and how do i sign up for VIP auditions for the Dallas location

  • Taya

    Hi I would like information about the Atlanta auditions both regular and VIP, registration, and the approved songlist for season 5. Thank you!

  • Brittney

    Could I please receive additional information?
    How to register?(VIP info as well)
    Start time for Dallas, Tx?
    Song List?

    Thanks so Much!

  • How old do you have to be to try audition for Sunday Best?

  • rolo

    can you send me the songlist for season 5 auditions? also information on how too sign up for the vip list and do i need an audition form in order to be a contestant?

  • Can you let me know if there is a fee and do I have to sign up before I come to Georgia. Thank You!!!!!!

  • Is there a song list this year, & what do i need to bring. I am 33 yrs old, but I currently misplaced my id, will I need it for the audition? Thank you kindly.. Ms. S. Co-Co’ Allen

  • Can i please get a copy of the song list for season 5 auditions in Dallas.
    Thank you

  • Hi, I want to audition for Sunday Best Season 5, but I am worried that I am to young. Please send me any requirements that are needed for the Dallas auditions. Thank you!


  • I have never auditioned for Sundays Best and I would like to audition for the Washington, DC location. What do I do? I heard there is a song list, is that true? Please give me the details so I have everything I need. Kind Regards.

  • I’m also interest in signing up for the VIP list.

  • cilicia Davis

    HELLO, I was trying to find out about information on Atlanta’s audition for this competition,Please email or call 478 320- 1000 Thanks GOD bless!

  • Carol

    I need to know the requirements to go to the Sunday Best Auditions in Atlanta Ga.Its not for me but I know this guy in my home town that would qualify so if u would please sendme the information to get him there….Thanks

  • thankful unto the Lord God my Saviour for one more chance to song His praises.

  • how do i get VIP and go staight to the judges to audition??

  • I would like more information on the application process and the song list for the auditions in Washington DC THANKS IN ADVANCE

  • Isabelle Mcclorin.

    I really need your VIP Auditions in Washington,DC Thank you

  • Frances Whitley

    What are the age requirements for auditioning for Sunday’s Best? I need to know this information before I decide to take the trip to Atlanta to audition there.

  • I thank u guys so much for letting me get an opportunity to sing for Sunday’s Best. I will be at the after party. God bless.

  • hi im tomika and ineed the song list for sunday best . i will like the info

  • I would like to bring my aunt to Audition in Atlanta. What are the requirements, approved song list? Is there an application to complete? Can anyone other than contestants come to the auditions? Also what is VIP? Thanks in advance for your reply to my several questions. 🙂 love ya

  • Candice C

    I have been trying to call the number give to make sure I have done all I needed to do to audition, but the number is not working. Can you please let me know if there is anything else I need to do. I have already fill out the VIP registration. So if there is anything else let me know.

  • Daryl DeBose

    What time will you be at the St. Louis location, no times where listed?

  • How old do I have to be in order to audition for Sunday Best

  • DO you have to sing the songs on the list?

  • Is there a sign up sheet or do I just show up at the church?

  • can you contact me about the song list, requirements,tips,time for st. louis auditions, and age limit….thanks

  • I need to find out what songs to sing March 14,2012. Please email me about what songs I could sing. I have already sign up for the audition also. Thank you, and God bless. See you guys then.

  • Hello, I missed the Washington, DC auditions, and have decided to travel to Atlanta, GA on April the 14th to audition there. I’ll be traveling from Baltimore, MD, and wanted to see if I will need to register ahead of time. I have already registered for the VIP Suite. Thanks so much for your time, and be blessed.

  • Hello…Can you please send me all the information I need in regards to auditioning in St. Louis and also the songlist…thank you

  • Monte Odom

    Im planning on auditioning in Atlanta. Do I have to register first, or do I just come out and stand in line. Please inform me.

  • I just want to know that when I come and audition on the 14th of April and I am chosen to advance on, then will I need to stay over night or go home and then I am called after the final city has audition? I need to know this for financial and work purposes…. Thank you and God Bless!!

  • i am interested in the song list and vip info for atlanta georgia please

  • Yolanda

    I would like to know if I have to register online or do I just show up? PLEASE reply as soon as possible before the Atlanta Auditions. God bless:)

  • Anastoria Walton

    I have a question because my i.d got stolen and it is short notice can I audition bringing my birth certificate and an old high school i.d that has my name on it? I know we need government documetation.

  • Chi

    Pls when will sunday best come to nigeria for auditioning.

  • Terria Snipes-Johnson

    Can you email me when yall come to North Carolina

  • Roy Davis

    Please email when your having auditions in Houston,Tx

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  • How old do you have to be to audition?

  • Be it “God’s Will”, please inform of upcoming Sunday Best Gospel Singing Audition dates, locations and requirements. A “Sincerely Annointed Singer”, must be given the opportunity to express truly “Joyful Gospel Songs Unto The Lord Our God and The World”! It’s God Will! God Bless You All! And thank you for the opportunity, sincerely! Miss Mildred Charlene Edwards, 670 Knox Blvd Apt 27,Radcliff, KY,40160.

  • Hpw old do you have to be to audition ?

  • please email me the next time yall having audition for sundays best in north carolina dc area

  • Brandon Crawford

    How do I sign up to audition

  • i would like to come to sunday best because i want to go to hollowwood

  • god is bless my family

  • Marcus Martin

    Hello I am curious on how to sign up and a list of the states being that we are in Las Vegas, NV

    I am doing tis for a friend that has a gifted voice named Samual.

  • when season 5 audition date in delhi

  • please tell me i love dance and this is my last chance in my last chance my dreame

  • Tyressa Washington

    How do I sign up for sunday best season 5
    And I dont see the time for st.louis auditions
    Do I got to be there a day a head.

  • I appreciate the good work you are doing! I’ve really enjoyed reading it. You’ve arouse me a great interest. I’ll investigate it more. Keep up doing it!

  • Nice! How can I sign up for RSS to your blog? Thanks!

  • I can really sing so how can i sign up on line

  • Jessica Dorsey

    what the dates for auditions for 2013 and what the song choices to choose from thank you

  • Crystal

    Will there still be auditions held in Houston Texas om March 23rd? And if so how do I sign up?

  • Wonderful submit, thanks

  • Robert, they vary. It’s up to your authors. Many with the letters coming up are handwritten, or hand-notated, it’s about half and half. Though most of your first letters were typed. The fourth letter was a comic.

  • I am interested in signing up for audition in Washington DC what must I do to become a part of this next season?