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Tyscot Records’ Bryant Scott becomes Transparent, Says Yes to God

“The greatest form of Worship is Obedience; the highest praise you can give with your life is a Yes!”Bryant S. Scott

For years, Tyscot Records’ music mogul Bryant Scott struggled to walk in faith when it came to totally surrendering to God.  On the brand new release, My Worship Experience, Bryant became transparent and testified of having the gift of “procrastination” for years and how important it is to say “Yes” to God with your life.

“This night is something that God birthed in my spirit years ago and for years I had to go through, because I refused to simply say Yes,” –Bryant Scott

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Bryant’s story, along with other inspiring, personal testimonies, is featured throughout the project.

Click to Hear Bryant Scott’s Personal Testimony & Become Inspired to say Yes to God:

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About My Worship Experience

My Worship Experience features various artists including, Deitrick Haddon, Lucinda Moore, Jonathan Dunn, Damita, Joann Rosario Condrey, Pastor Ronnie “Diamond” Hoard and more.

The current radio single, “I Need You Now” is the first offering from this powerful CD featuring Damita Haddon, R&B singer Lil Mo and Phillip Bryant.

Set to be released September 14, 2010, My Worship Experience is a 2-disc collection of heartfelt, sincere songs that truly celebrate our Savior.

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