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Introducing The Lyricist and The Vocalist: F.R.E.E. (Forever Radical Edifying & Exalting)

From the eclectic and boundless elements of music evolve a vocalist and a lyricist who convey an inspiring message through hard hitting beats of hip hop, the cutting-edge appeal of alternative, while giving you cool melodic infusion of jazz and R&B.  Not restricted to one genre, heartfelt testimonial lyrics penetrate the soul as a musical therapeutic experience, giving you the captivating truth of God leaving you encouraged to be F.R.E.E.


F.R.E.E., Forever Radical Edifying & Exalting, are two young, gifted ladies from San Antonio, TX.  While pursuing individual musical adventures, God’s divine intervention would sync these two musical songwriters to accomplish a greater goal for kingdom building and inspiring souls to have the liberty to be set F.R.E.E.


The Lyricist Shantelle “Eclectic” Thompson – My rap style is one of clear delivery in execution and in message. For those who may listen to rap, not necessarily gospel rap or spoken word, I want the message of Christ to be received by them. As a very ambitious person, I strive to give everything my all and have a sincere passion for the success of people as a whole. It’s very important that everyone understands the lyrics that flow through the mic and for the songs to be appealing so it can catch the ear of the listener who would rather hear the sounds of mainstream. My desire is for all to love the beat and music, but most of all, I want them to leave knowing our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The Vocalist Yvette “Vet” Hardin – People can’t receive you if you’re too “deep”, so I keep my writing style simple, which is sometimes best. I’m a bit quirky and love to laugh. I’m honest, very caring and my vocal style reveals just that.  I do what I do because of the love for Christ and his message. Christ + music = my divine purpose. Although some people may consider it cliché, I believe only what you do for Christ will last. As I sing and Eclectic raps, I want our music to be heavily receptive and to inspire people from all walks of life. The Lord made us to all to be individually different. He loves us just as we are regardless of our flaws; it’s time we do the same. Being a Christian is so cool and so much fun! We serve a loving God with a loving message full of deliverance. Offering Christ to people is why I’m here.

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F.R.E.E. humbly takes on the roll as the only Hip Hop female duo with a Christian platform.


Although F.R.E.E. has only been a group for only a year, an organic flow and kindred spirit bonds Yvette and Shantelle in music, love and sisterhood. The two met on the campus of Prairie View A&M University while chartering the Lambda Zeta chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota International Music Fraternity for Women.


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Through their debut EP, UNRESTRICTED, F.R.E.E.’s infectious music is captivating audiences, but, more so, the lyrical content is being absorbed and piercing the souls of listeners. Yvette and Shantelle are sweet spirited young women, but bring an authoritative and confident presentation to the stage as demonstrated recently when the ladies opened up for the popular MisFits Tour that featured The Ambassador, DaT.r.u.t.h., Mali Music and B. Reith. Their single “Free” is that example of the bold lyrical content and a fresh bangin’ track that resonates with generations of all ages.


While growing in God themselves, their goal is to reach the hearts of youth and young adults who do not have a relationship with Christ and to elevate those who desire a closer walk with Him and for all to dwell in a life that’s 4Ever Free!



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