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International Worship Leader Keri Fraser to Release Soul-Stirring Anthem “You are Holy” on March 29, 2024

Uncle G Promotions & Entertainment, in collaboration with Uncle G Records, is thrilled to announce the forthcoming release of “You are Holy,” the latest single by award-winning singer/songwriter and international worship leader, Keri Fraser. Set to debut on March 29th, this deeply moving worship anthem promises to captivate audiences worldwide with its soul-stirring melody, profound lyrics, and heartfelt vocals. “You are Holy” is an invitation to a transformative encounter with God. With each note, listeners are transported to an intimate place in worship, where they can experience the presence of God in a powerful and life-changing way.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind “You are Holy,” Fraser shares, “I believe this song will lead people into an experience of intimate worship that is deeply focused on God. We can sometimes become so distracted by daily issues that our worship centers only on our needs. In ‘You are Holy,’ we shift the focus entirely to God, declaring His greatness, majesty, and unfailing love.”

Crafted in collaboration with Stellar Award-winning producer and songwriter Sean Keys (Isabel Davis, Kim Person, Titus Showers, Keyla Richardson) and Tiffany Graham, “You are Holy” is a musical masterpiece that will unite audiences across diverse backgrounds in corporate worship. The song beckons believers to bow before the throne of grace. Its deeply personal lyrics such as “Jesus, Holy One, I surrender at your feet,” resonates with our longing for spiritual connection and surrender.

Join Keri Fraser on this amazing journey of worship and transformation as audiences around the world draw closer to the heart of God through the power of music. Mark your calendars for the release of “You are Holy” on March 29, 2024, when it will be available on all major streaming platforms.



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