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Darius McCrary Starts In New Inspirational Gospel Musical "Church"

Sacramento, CA, August 30, 2010 — The must see faith-based independent film of the season for all movie-goers interested in family friendly entertainment is the musical, Church, an inspiring story of faith, redemption and forgiveness.

Church chronicles the everyday experiences in today’s African American church.  Produced by Gospel Jam, LLC, the film stars television film veterans Darius McCrary, who plays the “prodigal son” Daniel Rhodes; Joseph C. Phillips as the unforgettable Deacon Melvin Childs; Art Evans as Pastor Jones, Sam Sarpong as Jay; and features gospel greats Daryl Coley as Deacon Cole; Blanche McAllister Dykes as Mother Henry, and Nicoe Potts as Evangelist Green.

“If there’s one thing we can all relate to it’s church,” noted Tommy Ross, managing partner of Gospel Jam, LLC and executive producer.  “Everyone has a story about the church they attend.  What we have done is taken those funniest stories, blended them with some original music and unforgettable characters to create a cinematic experience that will not be forgotten.”

Directed by Cory King and Foster Corder, this faith-based film features uplifting, spirit-filled songs from one of the most inspirational soundtracks ever recorded.  Movie-goers will have a hard time staying in their seats, as they listen to some of gospel’s greats sing HIS praise!

Faithful Central Bible Church in Inglewood, Calif., will host a screening of the film on Oct. 16, 2010.  Additional screenings will be held in Houston, Charlotte, and Sacramento, Calif.

For more information on hosting a film screening in your area, please send your requests to  Visit to see the official movie trailer.

About Gospel Jam, LLC

Gospel Jam, LLC was founded in 2008 by managing partner Tommy Ross and Cory King, after successfully collaborating on and distributing “American Hormones” in 2006.  Church, which is based on the play “Sunday, the Musical”, is the first in a series of faith-based family entertainment films that will be produced by the company.

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