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Brenda Campbell Set for CD Release

CD Release Signing
– Sunday, June 6, 2010

(Immediately after each service @ St. Paul’s Baptist Church, Creighton Road Location

Baltimore, MD – Brenda Campbell’s music is different and she is not afraid to explore the music that no one would have thought of. It is like no other music you will ever hear. The soon to be new release CD project taps jazz, smooth jazz, traditional and contemporary gospel, reggae and African vibes. It also includes a rhythmic percussion section, an old Victorian feel featuring a song lead by her father, a classical musical instrumentation, and a featured speech excerpt from Barack Obama. Change is the message. Let’s give the young people a message in song that will give them a different and renewed perspective through class and integrity.

In the music industry you have to be humble and recognize that the Lord gives you the gifts and talents that you possess. Campbell shares her project with other aspiring artists. Campbell says, “The goal of this project is to give something back.”

For every CD that is sold, a portion of the proceeds will be invested in a youth related program. Campbell says, “Giving is important, because if you don’t give you don’t receive. The Bible even talks about blessed are the cheerful givers.”

Brenda believes that you have to study the Word to sing about the Lord’s Word. When you get the new CD and listen to it, you will agree that Campbell’s music is unique and very easy to listen to. Brenda’s music mission is to reach into the very depths of your soul and cause you to think and even reminisce about the old time way.

Look for Campbell’s new and long awaited CD to hit store shelves soon. Until then, don’t miss her CD Release party on Saturday, May 22, 2010 at 4:00p.m. @ St. Paul’s Baptist Church, 4247 Creighton Road, Richmond, VA at 4:00p.m.  Special guests will also include John Fox and New Fellowship, Humble Tip, Dr. Rev. A. Lincoln James and the Trinity Church Choir, Spiritual Voices, Krystian Armoni Thomas and Minister Pauline Brooks of the Evangel Assembly Church. Free to the public.

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