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Bishop Hezekiah Walker Prepares For A New Season

On Sunday, June 12, 2011, Bishop Hezekiah Walker will make the next transition of his career and life—one of historic proportions. He will become the Presiding Prelate of the Pentecostal Churches of Jesus Christ.

Last year a stunning event took place that led to this event.

“We were in our Annual Convocation (2010),” recalled Bishop Walker, “and Bishop Moales was ministering about succession. He was saying that many leaders fail because they don’t have a succession plan. Then, at the end of his message, he turned and began to set things in order. He told us, ‘If God should call me home, this is what I want done.” He told us what to do for his wife (Lady Peggy Moales), and what to do for his home church (Prayer Tabernacle, Bridgeport, CT). Then he looked at all the pastors and he looked at me and said, ‘Bishop Walker will become the new prelate of the Pentecostal Churches of Jesus Christ.’ I was in a total state of shock!”

Eight months later, Bishop Moales died. Participating in the enthronement services will be Bishop J. Delano Ellis, Bishop T. D. Jakes and Bishop Alfred Owens.

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