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Watch Patti LaBelle on Oprah’s Master Class Sunday Nov. 22 on OWN

Patti Labelle
The acclaimed, Emmy-nominated series “Oprah’s Master Class” featuring an unprecedented first-person insight into the brilliant minds of entertainers we love, respect and admire, will feature Grammy Award-winning songstress and actress Patti LaBelle on Sunday, November 22 at 8p ET/PT on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.
To watch a sneak peak of the episode:

CLIP: The Life Lesson Patti LaBelle Learned From Her Sisters’ Deaths
Legendary singer Patti LaBelle grew up in a house full of women. While Patti and her three sisters-Barbara, Vivian and Jackie-had their share of arguments, they forged a close bond during their early years in Philadelphia. Patti shares a valuable lesson learned from her sisters.
CLIP: Why Patti LaBelle Says She Never Wanted to Be a Solo Artist
Years before Lady Gaga and Madonna came along, Patti LaBelle, along with Sarah Dash and Nona Hendryx, revolutionized music with their out-of-this-world fashion and over-the-top hairstyles as Labelle. The group scored a number one hit with “Lady Marmalade,” but eventually, the women decided to go their separate ways. Patti explains why.
CLIP: Patti LaBelle on Taking Risks: “Don’t Punk Out”
In the ’70s, Patti LaBelle, Nona Hendryx and Sarah Dash took the music world by storm as Labelle, a girl group best known for their space-age style and disco anthems. Patti shares how the group came to perform at the Metropolitan Opera House and what she learned about taking chances, asking tough questions and getting out of her own way.
About “Oprah’s Master Class: Patti LaBelle”
Larger than life female vocalist Patti Labelle has electrified audiences over the past five decades. Growing up, she was hesitant about revealing her God-given talent, but as lead singer for the group Labelle, made famous for their unforgettable hit “Lady Marmalade,” and later as a solo artist, Patti Labelle has achieved remarkable success in music and on the Broadway stage, fiercely dedicated to performing her best and remaining honest with her fans. And while her achievements may be great, Labelle’s career and life are still ruled by her belief to live life for today and remaining ageless.
About Master Class Season Five
The fifth and all-new season of “Oprah’s Master Class” has featured multiple Emmy-winning host Ellen DeGeneres, film legend Robert Duvall, Grammy Living Legend Award winner Smokey Robinson and box office draw Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The season continues this week with Grammy Award-winning songstress and actress Patti LaBelle (November 22). Remaining masters include five-time Grammy Award winner and singer-songwriter James Taylor (November 29) and Oscar-winning actor and musician Jeff Bridges (December 6).
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