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The Rosa Parks Family Foundation Endorses Dewayne Harvey’s Gospel Hit, “What The Lord Allows”

On December 1st 1955, Rosa Parks stood up for civil rights and against segregation when she refused to give up her seat and move to the back of a city bus in Montgomery, Alabama. This bold move from Ms. Parks helped spark the Civil Rights Movement, inspiring leaders such as the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr to take action towards helping our nation become a better society.

To commemorate that historic event, this year the Rosa Parks Family Foundation, headed by Rhea McCauley – the niece of the departed Ms. Parks – announces the endorsement of the Gospel hit, “What The Lord Allows” by Dewayne Harvey with Fred Hammond. Currently a Top Ten single on Gospel stations in many parts of the USA, the message within “What The Lord Allows” is one that parallels the triumphs and challenges faced by those who fought the good fight for civil rights. “It’s a message of hope and inspiration,” says Ms. McCauley. “What Dewayne wrote and sings is what Aunt Rosa lived by, that no matter what storms or fears come your way, when you take a courageous stance for what is right, you will find or make a way through to victory with grace.”


“I’m so honored that Ms. McCauley and the Rosa Parks Family Foundation have endorsed ‘What The Lord Allows’, which I had written when I was dealing my own frustrations within the faith yet saw the way through it all,” says Mr. Harvey. “It’s my hope that the song and its message will reach more people on a universal level thanks to the foundation’s support.”

Today the Rosa Parks Family Foundation faces a new challenge pertaining to the house that Ms. Parks lived in while a resident of Detroit (she moved to the city after her years in Alabama). “Currently the house – which was cleaned and rebuilt – is sitting in a storage facility in Italy,” explains Ms. McCauley. “The person who did the rebuilt had it sent there is trying to auction it off – which is wrong since the foundation legally owns the house. We have attorneys here and in Europe fighting on our behalf but funding is running very low. It’s sad and wrong that her house is overseas illegally when it should be back in the states.”

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Mr. Harvey – “I do hope those who read this will help Ms. McCauley and the foundation’s efforts to return the Rosa Parks house to the USA. This is a landmark and a piece of important history for future generations to see and learn about Ms. Parks as well as her courage.”

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