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Surgeon, Singer, and Songwriter Dr. Mark A. Williams Releases New Music To Spark Social Reconciliation

Mark A. Williams, M.D., Ph.D. is a board-certified Otolaryngologist (Ear, Nose, and Throat – Head and Neck Surgeon) and the founder of the Voice Care Center of Nashville. While in his profession, he treats renowned and aspiring singers with voice issues; his passions allow him to merge Music, Medicine, and Ministry. Dr. Mark Williams is a Gospel music recording artist making waves in the music industry with his upcoming The Reconciled Series, set to release as three musical projects this year. The inaugural EP, ONE TOUCH, is available now on all digital outlets.  The subsequent two albums will be available this Summer and Fall.

With the release of The Reconciled Series, Williams hopes to inspire reconciliation with God, our fellow man, and various relationships. His ONE TOUCH EP underscores an individual’s need to reconcile with himself. The soulful title track, “One Touch,” tells an inspiring biblical story of a woman overcoming adversity and social stigma. When she heard of Jesus, the Healer, coming through town, she determined that she would press through crowds of people, disregarding the scoffs and insults of her neighbors, to reach Jesus and obtain her healing through one touch of his garment. Williams believes that life circumstances, personal failures, and hardships cause people to forget or disregard their true worth and self-esteem. “We must first reconcile to the image and stature in which God created us before we can consider reconciliation with God or others,” Dr. Williams asserts.
ONE TOUCH is Dr. Williams’ first musical release since his 2020 single, “I Can’t Breathe,” a poignant funk tune inspired by George Floyd’s brutal death.  “I Can’t Breathe” single and music video set the tone for The Reconciled Series by encouraging social and justice reform through its lyrical referendum on the hypocrisy of the American ideals proudly espoused seemingly only in popular patriotic songs.  “A divided house cannot stand. For any society to thrive, there needs to be a foundation for reconciliation,” states Dr. Williams. “I hope to use music to bridge gaps that cause divisions among us.”

“I Can’t Breathe” is one of Williams’s most proud musical works. The official music video includes production contributions from new friends Dr. Williams met through political debates on social media. “We were able to lay aside many of our lesser-important political differences to advance a much more important message,” Dr. Williams explains.

Dr. Williams has been married to his wife, Darice, for over 30 years, crediting humility and acknowledgment of truth as prerequisites to reconciliation.  “There are two truths to acknowledge,” he explains.  “The first is the truth of the circumstance. As long as an offender refuses to accept the truth of his offense, reconciliation is impossible. The second truth is Jesus – The Way, The Truth, and The Life. [John 4:16]  This universal prescription is sufficient to repair any breach.”

In addition to his surgical practice and music career, Dr. Williams is a conference panelist, motivational speaker, and author of the book When A Man Worships.  He will release his second book this fall, revealing many hidden, uncomfortable, but necessary truths about American evangelicalism. Along with co-host Attorney Sonya Madison, Dr. Williams hosts a weekly podcast, RoundTable Consult. His pursuits extend far beyond the constraints of medicine because he believes healing and health require much more than medicine.

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