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SAN FRANKLIN Releases Lyric Video For “I Choose Free” Anthem Of Liberty From THE FREE PROJECT Album

SAN FRANKLIN has been described as a vocal powerhouse and an anointed force in music and ministry.  Her debut solo album THE FREE PROJECT is her musical ambition to inspire and lead people to freedom and liberty.  What is undeniable is that with every opportunity she is impacting people and culture by shifting atmospheres and changing lives.

Her current single “I Choose Free” is a defining song that she conveys with both passion and power. “I Choose Free” is an anthem of expectation and an emblem of emancipation.
“This song was the beginning of a movement of freedom that I and others had matriculated out of bondage that we had put ourselves into,” San states.  “I Choose Free is one of the most powerful songs I’d ever heard, not just because it was penned by me, but because it began this powerful movement of freedom.”

San has released the song to Gospel radio and now has a visual companion for “I Choose Free”.  Her lyric video is an expressively creative piece depicting situations of conflict, strife, and turmoil that many of us have faced or experienced.   Even though there has been so much racial tension and political uprising in our country and many people may have personal dilemmas and family dysfunction, there will be victory through Christ.  That is the hope and expectancy “I Choose Free” delivers.

“I won’t allow anything to bind me up again and that is my encouragement to you,” San expresses.  “I Choose Free! – because it becomes an atmosphere instead of a statement.  I Choose Free becomes a lifetime expectancy instead of a one-time situation.”
Watch and share the “I Choose Free” lyric video on YouTube.  THE FREE PROJECT album is available on all digital music outlets now via Enon Music Group.

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