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New Music From Singer Songwriter Candice Eden

Candice Eden counts herself blessed to be a part of the Kingdom during this time. The celebrated author, singer, songwriter and speaker values her relationship with Jesus above all and has learned firsthand how to receive the love of God through the finished work of Jesus Christ.  Her new single, It Is Enough, is the song of the redeemed.

“This song is beyond special to me for several reasons”, says Eden.  “Obviously, as a creative, anything the Lord gives me is “special”, but from the moment the melody and lyrics to the chorus dropped into my spirit, I knew this one was different than anything I’d ever written or heard.  For years, I struggled with rejection and the fear of man, which caused me to subconsciously strive for approval and perfection which of course was never attainable. It wasn’t until the Lord really seared my heart with the revelation of who He is and who I am to Him that I realized I didn’t have to prove myself worthy at all.  Jesus’ life, death, resurrection proved I was worth it and I’m worth it ONLY because of His worthiness.  This song talks about what He endured for His people to be free, so we may know Him intimately without feeling we have to justify our positioning in His body with works. What He gave was more than enough and I just must accept it and believe it. Yes, we are to be holy and walk out our salvation with Holy fear and trembling however- we don’t have to EARN His love-we are His children and He’s such a good Father.”

“Candice has woven together such a fine tapestry as an expression of God’s love”, says EMG Vice President Garland Miche Waller.  When I heard the song, I immediately knew this was a message that people needed to hear.”

It Is Enough is available for download on all digital outlets and streaming platforms. Candice Eden makes ready for virtual worship interludes and praise spaces in support of the song’s release in the coming days and weeks.

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