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Lawrence Hancock’s 10TH Studio Album, See Me Through, Takes Gospel Higher


The inspiration hit different on this explosive Christ-centered musical expression already garnering support from around the globe! Music enthusiasts need to brace themselves for arguably one of the best Gospel albums of 2024 in Lawrence Hancock’s 10th studio album, See Me Through available April 19, 2024!

“This album shows that Lawrence Hancock still consistently produces top of the range sounds, delivering a set of songs that delve into his strong personal faith, and provide plenty of ‘stand in awe’ moments. It’s difficult not to overstate the diverse range of musical styles here, from R&B and Hip Hop to Latin and Rap. Such is the strength and depth of this, his tenth album, that it’s easy to see why his stellar career has delivered so many top songs. Whatever style of music you listen to, this album will appeal to you. It pulls you in, gets inside your head, and leaves you inspired.”

 -Louder Than The Music, United Kingdom

This musical milestone provides the marker that Hancock will continue to place his signature on  Urban Christian music as an artist/composer/producer. Pulling on his roots as a Thomas A. Dorsey Gospel Music Songwriter of The Year, Hancock unloads as a producer to deliver the message of Jesus with a sound that is second to none. The aim continues to deliver the best message ever… Jesus as Lord and Savior! “This record made me nervous at first because it’s like where did the time go? Where does this go from here? Yet, the exhilaration I felt throughout this project was different because the power of God showed up on every song! Tears flowed because the dream of  a six-year old wanting to make records is alive…”And Did (God Did)!”

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This 13-song album exhausts the composer’s pallet creating a stage for Lawrence’s heavily influenced Gospel vocals delivered with a worshipper’s heart heavily influenced by the urban world that produced him and exposure to subcultures..

“Lawrence sings with passion and experiments with adventurous beats. Recommended!”

-Andres Mauricio Salguaro, 2024 Grammy® Winning Artist – Best Children’s Album

 The arrangements offer variations of of call and response to a urban Christian vibes that make you bop your head then lift your hands in adoration unto the Lord! The completed work creates a sense of familiarity but uniquely Hancock. In all, this album creates a vibe for the morning drive to after five unwind.

 See Me Through is available to download/stream only on Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal & Deezer.

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