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Jemila Richardson Gets In The Runners Position

Upon close observation, one will come to the conclusion that  Jemila Richardson is the embodiment of an old soul millennial. She drew attention with the release of the ever popular God Is A Waymaker. her debut single for Enon Music Group and has been running ever since. Audiences around the south and east have voiced a resounding affirmation for her gifts and talents and eagerly await the release of Ten Miles Away, her debut project hitting digital outlets on Friday, March 20th.
The album is a reflection of the musical influences that helped to round out Richardson’s musical foundation.  “I found out at an early age that a B Flat in church music is a B Flat in secular music”, proclaims Richardson.  God gave us the gift of music to express ourselves and He was kind enough to leave us with many ways to interpret and define what was given to us.  I want to use all that God has given me, and I want to live so I can be used of God to bring something of substance to the earth.”
Ten Miles Away is a showcase of Jemila’s warmth and radiance as well as   an apparent display of her acceptance of the biblical mandate to make a joyful noise unto the Lord.
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