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Hitmaker Christon Gray releases “Time Out” video!

After releasing one of the most successful songs in Christian music history, Christon Gray’s back with his brand new song, ‘Time Out’.

After seeing ‘Stop Me’ dominate the industry over the last two years*, Gray learned you don’t have to sugar coat the message of Jesus to reach new fans. Staying true to that theme, ‘Time Out’ is an anthem ready made for stadiums, radios and smart phones. With thunderous drums and triumphant horns acting as the sound bed, Gray faces all challenges in his life head on as the chorus states, ‘I ain’t never callin’ Time Out’.\

But it’s the music video that has everyone talking.

“I called some of my friends and told them the vision,” Gray said. “I asked if they’d be down to join in, and by God’s grace, they were.” On top of Gray himself, the video follows storylines with Green Bay Packers running back Ty Montgomery, Memphis Grizzlies point guard Mike Conley and 20-year Special Olympian Barry O’Rourke. In addition, a number of other prominent athletes make cameos including WWE Champion A.J. Styles, 12-time champ and undefeated boxer Andre Ward, Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Steven Souza Jr. and many more.

Featuring professional athletes and sports figures who love Jesus was important to video director Chris Shaban, who also serves as Gray’s song-writing partner and executive produced his last two albums. “Growing up as a Christian kid, I was always inspired by athletes who excelled at a high level and love Jesus,” the Toronto native said, “so we decided we’d like to try and motivate the next generation the same way.”

Life has lots of surprises for us, some we like and some we don’t, but ‘Time Out’ reminds everyone that perseverance is as important as the result. Don’t give up on others, don’t give up on God and don’t give up on yourself.

Never call Time Out.

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