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Gospel Rapper LECRAE Has the #1 and #2 Album on Charts: Christian Rap Makes a Plea for Radio Time

his week’s chart has already been released.  It covers the week of January 20-27, 2011.  Gospel Rapper Lecrae continues to dominate the Billboard charts now with two different projects sitting at the #1 and #2 spots according to albums sold.  “Rehab” and the sequel  “Rehab: The Overdose“ is shocking the industry.

This is un-heard of right?  Especially for a genre of music that gets little airplay on the radio.  Lecrae is busting the doors off the stereotypes that have plagued Christian rappers.  Rapper Lecrae also has the #1 album in all of Christian music including Christian contemporary.  Rapper “Flame” sits at #5 on the Gospel Charts marking the first time three Gospel albums have placed in the Top Ten in sales on the same week.  Additionally, Rapper “Trip Lee” sits at #24.

So who are these guys?  Where are they getting their followings to sale so many CD units?  The answer to that is simple.  Social Networks.  Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace have revolutionized the way you can promote a brand and get it out to potential buyers.  In the case of entertainers, you can go from being a nobody to creating a buzz about your talents.  Online websites such as PATH aid in getting the artist exposure as well, but radio continues to keep the door closed on these artists.  Why?  Well it’s partly because polls show older generations don’t get the message of Christ through upbeat tracks and quick tempo lyrics heard in rap songs.

Radio stations are waiting for the younger generations to turn the dial from secular rap to Gospel, but their anxiety wonders if the time slots for Gospel rap can sustain itself.

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One thing’s for sure, sooner or later someone is going to have to take the risk.  Radio cancels everything else.  So give these guys a chance and if it doesn’t work, change the format back.  Hopefully the older saints can encourage their kids to listen to Christian Rap or Christian Hip Hop.  They can understand the positive lyrics even if you can’t!

Here is the rest of the Top Ten Gospel Albums for this week.

1. Lecrae-Rehab: The Overdose
2. Lecrae-Rehab
3. William McDowell-As We Worship: Live
4. VaShawn Mitchell-Triumphant
5. Flame-Captured
6. Marvin Sapp-Beginnings
7. James Fortune & FIYA-I Believe
8. Marvin Sapp-Here I Am
9. Wow Gospel
10. Greater Mt. Calvary Live

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