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Empowering TV Program, The VIP Corner TV Talk Show, Launching In 2019

It’s difficult to read the news and not be bombarded day after day with negative stories. But Author, Speaker, Gospel Artist and Entrepreneur J. Nichole Jones knows that there are positive things happening in the world every day and she’s on a mission to highlight people and companies that are making this world a better place. It’s with that premise in mind that The VIP Corner TV Talk Show was birthed. The VIP Corner Talk Show is designed to inspire, encourage, motivate and empower individuals and communities. The upcoming talk show will feature breaking news, celebrity topics, community spotlights, health and wellness and a number of other inspiring themes that will truly captivate, inform, and challenge its viewers. Hosted by J. Nichole and Co-host Howard Sapp, the vision is to “motivate and push people forward with a mission of helping others and spotlight local heroes in the process.”

The impetus for the show came from a simple prayer. “While I was praying, God laid it on my heart to help to showcase undiscovered talent and those doing great things in communities and yet are rarely acknowledged, if at all,” J. Nichole Jones says. “In my journey as a recording artist and an entrepreneur, I have connected with a number of people who are doing amazing things in their communities that I wasn’t aware of. God encouraged me to open up a platform for them to be recognized for what they do. Even though it’s great to acknowledge people who are household names, it’s also wonderful to highlight unsung heroes as well. There are so many people behind the scenes who are really doing an incredible job.”

  1. Nichole Jones named the show “The VIP Corner” because she wanted to make sure people understood that everyone is important, despite their status or social standing. As the vision for the show became clear, she also knew that fellow entrepreneur and Gospel Artist Howard Sapp would be the perfect co-host for the show. Sapp was humbled when J. Nichole reached out to him about partnering with the show.  He says, “When she approached me, I was flattered. When she shared what she wanted to highlight on the show, there was an immediate heartfelt connection as we both wanted to see people and communities grow and thrive. This was made more evident because we are both owners of non-profits; she owns “Single Mothers On The Go” (S.M.O.G.S.) and I own Faces of Angels International, an organization that assists those affected by natural disasters and much more. We both feel it’s important to spotlight those who are truly keeping our communities united, those who fight the good fight and yet are not typically recognized. I am excited that the VIP Corner TV Show will do just that,” says the Co-host. Although both J. Nichole and Sapp are both award-winning artists, the show is not a Gospel music program but covers a plethora of topics and issues. The program aims to highlight inspirational movers and shakers from all aspects of life.

The VIP Corner TV Talk Show will be filmed in Maryland and before a live studio. They are seeking undiscovered heroes and people who are active in their local communities, dedicated and committed to changing lives. The VIP Corner TV Talk Show is looking for entrepreneurs, authors, CEOs, Fortune 500 companies, small or large businesses (including charities and non-profits), celebrities and those in the entertainment industry and others representing amazing causes that touch lives or enhance health and wellness. For more information about The VIP Corner TV Talk Show, log on to

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