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CD Review: Tiff Joy – So Refreshing and Pure…


Lets talk about this record!  I’ve been living with it for a few weeks and man oh man….it impacts me EVERY single time!!

This record seems to have been done so effortlessly.  Nothing seems contrived or diluted by industry intent.  It feels like Tiff Joy with the executive production of VaShawn Mitchell, was able to capture moments of purity and sincerity.  The great mix didn’t hurt that either lol.

Furthermore, the songs are really really good.  Not too much; not too little.
Though her vocals are clean, refreshing and very tasteful, this is not a musician’s/singer’s record.
This is a journey for those who enjoy great music. Tiff makes you think and compels you to connect closer with God.
Many of you know her and don’t know that you do.  She penned Ricky Dillard’s most recent huge hit “Amazing” (which she covers on this record).  I promise, Tiff Joy is one that will not disappoint.
Faves: tracks 4-8 + 10

Just some notes from simply a music lover,

Anthony Ponder



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