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Anthony Jefferson Releases Inspiring New Song “To God in Prayer”

Anthony Jefferson, the soulful and dynamic artist, has just released his new song titled “To God in Prayer.” Jefferson, known for his deep, resonant voice and powerful lyrics, describes the song as a modern twist on a timeless Sunday morning classic. “I wanted to remind myself and the people of the power of the timeless word of God,” Jefferson explains. “So, I took a spin on an old Sunday morning classic and birthed what you all will hear.”

The song aims to instill a sense of hope and encouragement among its listeners. Jefferson’s aspirations for the track are heartfelt and profound. “My prayer is that this song refreshes the burnt out, remind the forgotten, and encourage the discouraged that there is a God that hears you,” he shares. This message of hope is particularly resonant in today’s world, where many are seeking solace and reassurance.

“To God in Prayer” is a significant piece from Jefferson’s forthcoming project, “The David Experience.” This new song, along with his previous release, forms part of a larger narrative. “From my last song to the new song, there is most definitely a connection,” Jefferson notes. “First, they are both from my first full project ‘The David Experience,’ and secondly because they are pieces to a story. Each song has its unique and necessary place to complete this journey of David’s life and how it relates to each of us that I am trying to depict.”

Jefferson’s ability to weave personal and biblical narratives into his music sets him apart as an artist. “The David Experience” promises to be an exploration of the life of David, drawing parallels to contemporary experiences and challenges. By doing so, Jefferson seeks to create music that not only entertains but also uplifts and inspires his audience.

As “To God in Prayer” begins to resonate with listeners, Jefferson’s hopes are clear. He wants his music to be a source of strength and a reminder of divine presence and compassion. With his unique blend of classic inspiration and modern relevance, Jefferson’s new release is poised to make a significant impact.

Listeners can expect more from “The David Experience” as Jefferson continues to release music that speaks to the heart and soul, reminding everyone of the enduring power of faith and the importance of never losing hope.

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About Anthony W. Jefferson

Anthony Jefferson is a worship leader, singer/songwriter, and visionary of the annual gathering of worshippers’ conference “Worship Unleashed”. Currently he serves as the Executive Assistant of The Garden of Prayer World’s Prayer Center, after transitioning from his position as Minister of Music.   

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God has blessed him to be the worship leader and speaker in different denominations for many concerts, church services, conferences, and retreats. His heart and passion are to see healing and deliverance in the lives of all people and to utilize his creativity in worship to exemplify the glory of God. His debut single entitled “Freely Yours” reached top 10 on the digital charts and now we are in great expectation of his latest single “To God in Prayer” from his debut Album “The David Experience-From the field to the throne”.  He is actively writing keeping his ears and heart in tune with what God is saying to His people as the seasons continually change.

As a gifted singer and songwriter, he expresses his love for God and effectively leads others in a deeper experience of worship. Anthony has a passion for communicating the truth of God’s Word through song and believes in taking his worship with him everywhere he goes. Even concerning his business where he provides stable housing for the homeless, he is adamant about ensuring that people see God in action. It is his heart’s desire to bring the purity and passion for worship back to the body of Christ as a whole. He sees himself as a tool God uses to bring healing to the lives of people as they discover the forgiveness, love, and abundant grace of the Father. 

Anthony and his wife Danielle live in the Philadelphia Pennsylvania where they raise their three children, Memphis, Jeremiah, and Azariah. To be found faithful to God and his family and to be effective both in the church as well as in the marketplace is said to always be his greatest of achievements.


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