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7,000 Expected to Attend December 24th Services Featuring New Jersey’s Only Live Star Wars Nativity Scene, a Visit from Darth Santa, and Jolly Ol’ Stormtroopers

cosmic-christmas-week-2-photo-1One of New Jersey’s fastest growing Christian churches, Liquid Church, announced it will be examining the parallels between the Bible and Star Wars this Christmas Eve via its over-the-top Star Wars themed church services. The services take place less than a week after the launch of the box-office smash “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” which grossed $238 million in North America alone – the biggest opening of all time.

Known for its culturally relevant approaches to ministry that often turn to pop-culture for illustrative purposes, Liquid’s “Cosmic Christmas Eve” services promise to be an “out of this world” experience for guests. On Christmas Eve, Liquid will host New Jersey’s only LIVE Star Wars Nativity Scene, with guests invited to line-up for their opportunity to wield a lightsaber and join the Nativity with Leia, Han Solo, Chewy, and R2D2. Children will get the chance to sit on Darth Santa’s lap (aka Darth Vader), share their Christmas wish, and take a photo with Lord Vader and his Stormtrooper “elves.” Each service includes costumed characters, movie clips, and music designed to wow audiences.

“Right now all eyes are turned toward Star Wars and we can leverage this historic pop-culture moment to reach new people and teach them about the birth of Jesus Christ,” said Tim Lucas, lead pastor and founder of Liquid Church. “This is a fun way to take a fresh look at the greatest story ever told. One of our core values at Liquid is that ‘church is fun.’ It’s okay to laugh and celebrate together while talking about Christmas. If that means having Star Wars characters in costume and dancing Stormtroopers, I’m all for it.”

Liquid’s Christmas Eve services will take an unexpected look at the Christmas story. Rather than focus on the birth of Jesus on Earth, Lucas will share the story from heaven’s perspective, which includes a rogue emperor, evil rebellion, miraculous birth, and a cosmic war behind the stars – not unlike the story of Star Wars.

“The parallels between the Bible and Star Wars are striking. At its core, Star Wars reflects spiritual faith in that it’s the battle between good and evil, the light versus the dark. Even the famous phrase ‘may the force be with you’ has roots in Christian theology,” added Lucas

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A huge Star Wars fan, Lucas’ concept for “Cosmic Christmas” stemmed from his own passion for the series.

“When Star Wars first came out I was 6-years-old and I would take the family Nativity at Christmas and replace the figurines with Star Wars action figures,” said Lucas. “Star Wars captured my imagination as a child, and I still love it today. It sounds over-the-top, but Star Wars changed my life. Second, of course, to Jesus Christ!”

Christmas Eve services are expected to be the largest in Liquid Church history, with an anticipated 7,000 people attending its 14 “Cosmic Christmas” services at 5 locations in Essex, Middlesex, Morris, Somerset, and Union Counties.

All are welcome to the free, family-friendly, 60-minute Christmas Eve experience, but registration is required. Guests may learn more about “Cosmic Christmas” and register for their free tickets at

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Liquid Church is one of New Jersey’s fastest-growing Christian churches. Officially launched in 2007 by Lead Pastor Tim Lucas, the church’s vision and mission is to “Saturate the State with the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” with campuses in Essex, Middlesex, Morris, Somerset, and Union Counties. Each week, more than 3,500 people experience Liquid Church’s worship services in New Jersey and around the globe through Church Online. As part of its global outreach, Liquid provides clean drinking water to the poorest of the poor, with dozens of completed wells in several countries including El Salvador and Nicaragua – and most recently, Rwanda! Liquid Church’s innovative approaches to outreach and ministry have been spotlighted by CNN and The New York Times.

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